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I’ll be posting on this blog from now on:

DYI projects, decorating, our cross country move and pretty much everything to do with life after our wedding. <3 I hope to see you all on THAT blog!

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Lovely Bunting

Our wedding decor turned out so beautiful! The bunting I cut from scrapbook paper looked gorgeous hanging up on the arbor.

Cocktail Centerpiece

Our centerpiece for the cocktail tables were billy balls in small bottles- the venue stuck the extra ribbon wands in for an extra pop!

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Sneak Peeks!

Here are some sneak peeks of the design at our wedding.

The cake toppers I made with the mini-bunting that matched the arbor we stood under…

My Harvest theme design for centerpieces-

Handmade Pomanders down the aisle

And here is a GORGEOUS picture my cousin Alex captured of Nick & I walking as man & wife!

More to come soon!

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I’m a WIFE!

Okay so the big day was yesterday- It started out horribly but once I made it down the aisle everything around me blurred and time went by so fast. Its so sad that all that planning was over in a matter of hours that felt like minutes! I’ll update it more soon! We’re just relaxing at our suite and enjoying our time off from the real world.

More soon!  

For the Princess Bride

So, I was thinking of other wedding designs to take a break from the stresses of mine… and I thought of a friend. Lets call her KB. She’s a disney princess at heart and I think that a fairytale wedding would be so fun to plan.

I was thinking of an elegant, vintage-chic style wedding. With a fairytale theme but not too overwhelming…just a slight touch of a theme…

- Colors
Ivory, Beige & Light pink ( if you’re not a pink girl- lavender or light blue )
To add a pop of glimmer I’d say crystals are great for a whimsical look and gold/silver work for a more elegant style.
- Setting
I recommend a garden or a chic ballroom (or both! ceremony and reception)
Rustic barns most likely wont work with this theme…


For the guest cards- you can do the “snow white” approach and write each name on an apple (I suggest red apples with gold writing)

read more for centerpiece ideas, attire and giveaways

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Place card options… take a vote.

1 Week till the wedding! Gosh I can’t believe it! I’m so excited yet I’m so nervous at the same time. I know I’ll be so sad when it’s all over!

So, right now I can’t seem to decide how to do the place cards.
I can either design a large poster…
(I designed advertisement posters for Nick’s dad’s store and where he gets them printed looks great so I was thinking thats one option)

My poster would be a little more elaborate than my example of course…

Option #2! pin them on little white pumpkins and put a sign that says
"The Pumpkin Patch!"


It shouldn’t cost TOO much since we dont have that many guests and the pumpkins are cheap. I just think it’ll be adorable and it’ll tie together the pumpkin table numbers.

hmm what to do, what to do…

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linheatslychii asked “Congratulations! Hope you're enjoying the wedding planning process! I keep stumbling across wedding blogs and they are so beautiful~ Hope you have an amazing wedding !”

Thank you! Im very excited its only a week away! Im sure I’ll be blogging the pictures like crazy. :)


My big sister works at the Cosmopolitan hotel here in Las Vegas… If you’re not from here you should know that this place is AMAZING! It’s one of the most beautiful hotels built on the strip and she’s getting us an incredible discount on a suite! Just look at that view!!! 

Click to ‘read more’ view more pictures of the suites!

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A week and 1 Day away!

So I just wrote up to do lists for the whole week: A list for each day all the way up to the night before. And I am overwhelmed but excited at the same time!! I keep looking over the list thinking that I forgot something and I’m also looking over it thinking that I need to clone myself! Gosh this is a lot of work for one person. (It’s all worth it though)

Here are some updates:

I couldn’t get rid of the pumpkins. White pumpkins are gorgeous and they make a harvest theme wedding look classy (not halloweeny).

So I decided to use one pumpkin as a table number per table. I’m going to cut a thin slit into the stem and wedge some cardstock paper in. The table number will be in a simple font on some brown rustic paper.

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I will definately be trying this out-  

I will definately be trying this out-  

(Source: somedaysoonwedding)

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My mom&#8217;s Bridal Shower gift to me!

My mom’s Bridal Shower gift to me!

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Me at the Bridal Shower

Me at the Bridal Shower

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Toto, we’re not in high school anymore…

So I have to vent. Considering, I think I’ve been pretty good the last few months ever since all the drama happened. And since the cause of the drama would like to pin me as the *bad one* then there’s no point in me being the bigger person. I haven’t gone out to seek the ears of other friends… but since I’m already becoming the gossip of the year- I may as well have my own fun.

Here’s the story of when I had a certain girl volunteer to be my “wedding planner”.. Which turned out to be more trouble than it was worth.

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Nicholas & I got engaged in March and we were married October 10th! The design and planning process of the wedding was all done by me- I did cost cutting DIY projects to create our Harvest themed wedding!!

Now I update this blog with any DIY crafts for special occassions- I hope to one day be an Event designer and make someone elses day as beautiful as mine.